Qantas seem to be grabbing all the press this week, their latest release is to mark the launch of their brand new uniform for their cabin crew being rolled out in early 2014. Designed by Australian designer Martin Grant, “The new uniform speaks of Australian style on the global stage.” says Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

The uniform was designed under a brief to “provide a unique, functional and durable uniform, suitable for a premium airline operating across Australia and around the world.” and so far we like the execution. The 400,000 garments, split over 35 designs for both male and female crew show how modern the airline is becoming.

What sets this uniform apart, is the small details, splashes of red and nods to contemporary capsule wardrobe fashion. How much of it will actually be seen on cabin crew in the near future though in our mind will be the question though. The trilby hat for the ladies is great, but anything more than a 10mph wind and we can see hats blowing across an airport apron. Interestingly, whilst cabin crew and ground staff have the new uniform, it seems flight deck crew have missed out on new threads.


Martin Grant, said on the launch of the new uniform for Qantas, the first for 10 years, “Qantas is a well recognised and loved Australian brand, and one which has one of the strongest international logos. My inspiration for the uniform came from Qantas’ striking logo – the powerful red triangle and the flying kangaroo. I have always loved the Qantas logo as it’s very nostalgic for me.” This can be seen in the use of the red triangle, in the detailing on dresses, ties and coats. “In the initial stages of design, I started thinking about things associated with Australia and I kept coming back to the Qantas logo and the image that we all have of Qantas. There is a huge amount of pride attached to Qantas and it made sense to concentrate on the Qantas logo.


“I strived for something simple and durable, while adding a bold colour palette. I wanted to create a uniform that reflected the glamour of flying and something that would suit every body shape.”

Qantas have even gone the extra mile, following a recent trend of ‘up-cycling’ going on in the aviation field, by announcing the trilby hat will be made from recycled bottle tops. If only it was made from Champagne corks, because by the looks of this new uniform, Qantas are going to be going through many-a-bottle celebrating this launch.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “Qantas Launch Awesome New Designer Uniform

  1. Very stylish and elegant. I did like the old (current) uniform, but this one looks great as well. I welcome the fact that the ladies are wearing hats and the double-breasted trenchcoats look well tailored. Another nice detail are the shoes of the gentlemen, with a red sole. I wouldn’t mind having one pair as well 😉
    While I’m very positive about this new uniform, I do not think it’s particularly striking as a Qantas-uniform compared to the current one. The current one had a certain ‘wow-factor’, but nonetheless this one makes it up for elegance and sophistication.

  2. Martin captured the corporate spirit of the airline znd this uniform will totally reinforce the strengh of the all ready iconic identity and…(another?) Red and black signature. Yes the “Louboutin red sole style shoes “is funny applied on male shoes…did people know that this fashion details finds its origin from Paris Pigalle red zone prostitutes outfit?…ups..;-)..ok the new unigorm is maybe less inspiring then the actual version, but it will have a positive impact on the brand and…hope people experience with Qantas. Well done Martin !

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