Virgin Atlantic Jam (2)

“…and the killer is… [blank screen]” annoying when that happens isn’t it? Not any more!

Virgin Atlantic today announced they have now switched on their inflight entertainment from gate to gate, meaning that a passenger can watch an estimated extra two hours per flight. Whilst other carriers around the world have already got this system in place, the UK’s CAA had put restrictions on inflight entertainment due to safety concerns. But late last year British Airways took the CAA on a test flight to show how safety wouldn’t be compromised, and has paved the way for other carriers to follow suit.

We are super excited about this news, as Virgin Atlantic’s inflight entertainment is some of the best in the skies. Reuben Arnold, Customer Experience Director for Virgin Atlantic Airways commented “We are always looking into different ways to enhance our customer experience and this is a good example of making our existing product work for our passengers.”


But does this mean now that inflight entertainment on Little Red, Virgin Atlantic’s regional carrier could be an option? Heathrow taxi times and holding patterns takes much of the flight time for a short haul route like this, meaning that live TV or at least music channels, similar to the Virgin Red product on Virgin America could work. Sadly, with leased aircraft, this is less likely to occur though.

The only stipulation, that Virgin Atlantic make, is that you have to wear the approved headset from Virgin Atlantic, this is because of the safety messages that are broadcast are at a controlled volume, which the headset caters for, yet personal headphones wouldn’t.

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Virgin Atlantic Announce Inflight Entertainment As Soon As You Sit Down

  1. Id much prefer an AC Power Port over some fancy IFE. That way, I can load up my laptop with all of the entertainment I want without having to worry about battery life, rather than having to settle for what the IFE offers. Sadly, few airlines offer them in Economy.

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