Avianca’s New Livery


Recently snapped by Clement Alloing is the start of the new livery for Avianca, who recently partnered up with TACA. Avianca’s new livery looks a little flat, and whilst not complete (there will be the logotype on the side of the fuselage) the magic of one of the best liveries out there seems to have been lost. Featured as number 7 in our Top 10 liveries last year, Avianca used to have a stunning and vibrant livery. It seems this new livery is designed with keeping costs down. More eurowhite, less gradients, and simplistic design means for a cheap and effective design. But is it the right move?


As we previously stated on the previous incarnation of the livery “A bright, vibrant and rich colour scheme adorns this relatively modern fleet in South America. Picking colours that have significance to the South America continent help give it a strong identity around the world. Still a relatively unknown airline in Europe and Northern America, however a big player in its Southern cousin. The subtlety of the tail fin’s colour and pattern is fantastic and the gradient use is refreshing from all the simple block colour graphics on most airline fins. The logotype is also simplistic, but it makes it timeless and this will help this livery continue into the future without much need for updating.”


As an aside, it seems they have also copied American Airlines new logo (take a look at the engine Nacelle) on the first photo, you’ll see there is great similarity between the two bird like logos.

Here at Thedesignair, we feel this is a big step backwards, and sadly one step closer to a simpler blander sky. What do you think of the new look? Let us know!




  1. I thought it looks like this is a new version of Asiana’s colour scheme….

  2. Douglas

    With these kind of rebrands/new liveries, I always wonder what they were thinking at the design department. From a majestic livery to this, is just… sad

  3. Juliancho!


  4. This is a weak, retrograde step. Everyone knows that Avianca aircraft have red roofs.

  5. matt707

    I agree, it’s a step bland-wards.

  6. Adrian

    What a shame. The outgoing livery sings of South America… this one screams boring!!

  7. Alejandro

    Horrible!!! It looks cheap. Wha!!! Avianca colors defined the brand and gave appeal to Colombia, now just bland. Ugh!, now I will fly LAN

  8. anonimous

    que huevada es esa parece pinga o el orto de la vieja los pario ese es el diseño de AA narcotraficantes come pinga carajo colombianos del puticlub de 5ta

  9. Jose Fernando Vega

    I’m from Colombia. The new one is terrible. No character. Look like generic livery. The olds Avianca in the 80 and 90. Look much better. Iike real Colombian Airlines.

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  12. architexter

    Awful! Avianca had one of the best livery schemes in the sky. Imagine now the so many white fuselages with red tails the airline will get lost. (Same thing happened to cars!) everything is dissolving into indistinguishable blandness! Shame!

  13. Jim Fleming

    Having lived in Colombia for many many years all I can say is that the most beautiful planes in the sky just became Generic with a capital G.

  14. ronald

    Just horrible and unimaginative.. I could have done a better job with photoshop and paint on my mac….

  15. Cliff

    The new livery is horrible. Avianca always had great liveries, but this new look is awful. Too simple and too much white.

  16. The stucture of livery design is almost same with GA’s livery. But the 3D Logo is very cool 😀

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  18. Kenneth Barton

    This is a livery that says absolutely nothing.

  19. Ross

    I saw the new colours in sunny skies on an A330 at Heathrow recently and they looked very smart and vibrant! You have to remember a lot of colour schemes look better in the flesh and that the picture with this article was taken in grey skies without the titles. Having said that I have to admit the old colours were classic!

  20. Almost as abysmal as the recent China Eastern upgrade. The new Iberia is dreadful too!

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