Iberia Launch New Brand Logo & Livery


  1. Douglas

    Totally disappointing. In all honesty; I really am lost for words.

  2. Jazz J. Salcedo

    Frankly it is a neat and clean livery but still lacks some punch to say the least.

  3. clio one

    Frankly speaking new logo and new livery look as bad as the service standard aboard Iberia. Cheap, poor, boring, dull, stuffy and moldy. Total disaster.

    Francamente nuevo logo y nueva imagen librea tan malo como el nivel de servicio a bordo de Iberia. Barato, pobre, aburrido, mal ventilado y moho. Desastre total.

  4. Matt

    Oh goodie, another Eurowhite scheme . UGH! Boring logo. Super boring font. Totally uninteresting, especially compared to the previous livery.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of the “marque” of the Euro carriers, like those on Air France and British Airways. I think the logo itself is fine, stylish even, but looking forward, the rebranding is such a missed opportunity. They could’ve at least place the logo beside the titles rather than on the engine…and that negative space tail design, that doesn’t work.

  6. MM Jones

    Yet another livery redesign that results in shapes that a schoolkid can make in Illustrator in less than 90 seconds. I wonder how much some “design” firm was paid for this “rebranding?”

  7. Kenneth

    A livery that says absolutely nothing.

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