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We were very excited to receive a press release this morning from Air New Zealand, it showed in full glory the new 787-9 interiors, and their first routes. Initially flying on the Auckland – Perth route, as more aircraft join the fleet it will then start flying Auckland – Tokyo, Auckland – Shanghai, and also Christchurch – Tokyo. It seems only fair to share these exciting images with you!

Business Premier


Don’t expect any changes to their perfectly crafted Business Premier beds, already found on their long haul fleet. 6 rows of 3-across seats in a herringbone format will create an intimate and well formed cabin at the front of the plane. What is noticeable now, is the size of the windows. These huge windows will give a better view, as craning your neck to look out the window was always one small drawback to the herringbone configuration. Obviously details include an 11″ touch-screen AVOD IFE system, inseat power and USB socket, amazing dining options from chef Peter Gordon, in-flight amenity kits, a 22inch wide seat (that turns into 33″ wide when in flatbed mode) and a huge 79″ long catered by a massive table perfect for dining on.

Premium Economy


So here is the biggest change, and it looks like a welcome one. The seats here, similar to Cathay Pacific‘s premium economy, are a big reclining chair, perfect for long haul comfort and a huge upgrade on the economy experience. 41″ of seat pitch is amongst the biggest in it’s class, and with a leg rest, you are cradled into comfort as you lie back. Set in a 2 x 3 x 2 configuration (admittedly, the original economy layout that Boeing suggested for its 787) the seats are a comfortable 19.3″ wide, with a 5″ armrest between you and your companion, to give you a bit more space, and when reclined, they recline 9″ backwards. So why not the SpaceSeat, which is found on the 777? This is simply due to the differing widths in the fuselages of planes. The Space Seat would have been too big to place in the 787, so an alternative option had to be created. As for IFE? It’s just like Business Premier, a whopping 11″ touch-screen is at your fingertips, and a set of premium headphones to enhance the experience.

We love the seats that Air New Zealand produce, and here is a prime example of why, their seats constantly look clean, modern and comfortable. The finishes throughout the cabin are excellent and the colour palette is smart and neutral, making their cabin crew stand out, with their bright, colourful and playful uniforms.



Expect the same kind of experience as the rest of the fleet. A seat pitch of 33″ is pretty good, although the seats are narrow, at 17.2″ wide, but there is a 5″ recline to help add some comfort to the flight. Naturally a few of the rows can be turned into Air New Zealand’s one-of-a-kind SkyCouch allowing some space to recline, and interestingly, even as a solo traveller you can book a whole row at a much lower cost than that of a business class seat, giving you a bed to sleep on on long haul flights. The most important bit for an economy seat? a 9″ touch-screen, packed full of IFE.

Why not check out our gallery full of hi-res images below for you to get a bigger picture of their offering!

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5 replies on “Air New Zealand Reveal 787-9 Interiors

  1. So AirNZ states on their website that ‘The 787-9 breathes fresh air into global aviation.’ Such a shame then that the folks running the organisation couldn’t find a way of breathing fresh air into the Business Premier product. That’s too bad as airlines don’t get too many opportunities…

  2. Grammar mistake: “and with a leg rest, you are cradled into comfort as you lay back” should be “and with a leg rest, you are cradled into comfort as you lie back.”

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