Thanks to our friends at Australian Business Traveller, we can share the latest news from Asia LCC Scoot. Singapore Airlines’ low-cost offshoot will take delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 in November this year and shift to an all-Boeing 787 fleet by the middle of 2015 as the airline seeks to parlay the Dreamliner’s increased fuel efficiency into a healthier bottom line.

Scoot says the first destinations for the Boeing 787-9 will “include Australia, Japan and Taiwan”. The airline currently flies six ageing Boeing 777-200s which were handed down from Singapore Airlines, but all of these will now be retired by the middle of next year. In their stead will be a clutch of new Boeing 787s – ten of the original Boeing 787-8 and ten of the larger, longer-range 787-9 – which Scoot inherited from Singapore Airlines after its parent bulked up its order for the Airbus A350.


Scoot’s November 2014 inaugural will make it only the second airline in the world to fly a Boeing 787-9 after launch customer Air New Zealand picks up the keys to its own next-gen jetliner in July this year. Scoot’s Boeing 787-9 will be kitted out with 35 ‘all-leather’ premium seats in ScootBiz class, arranged in a 2-3-2 layout.


The bulk of the bird will of course be given over to a sea of 340 economy seats in a 3-3-3 configuration, for a total head count – or should that be bum count – of 375.

Thedesignair take
We do like the 787, but agree with the general consensus that the 3 x 3 x 3 seating is narrow, and with such a dense economy cabin, these aircraft will feel tight, especially in comparison to the 777 cabin the airline currently offers. The livery, with its large swashes of bright yellow will still be an easily identifiable and fun sight to grace Changi airport, although the curved and outlined typography for us is still a little unconsidered.

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