Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “Interbrand Launch Bold New Look For LATAM

  1. In the absence of any uniquely Brazilian elements to either the LATAM or GOL re-brandings, the folks at AZUL must be celebrating. There is clearly only one airline in the market that sees fit to identify with its dominant market.

  2. I love the new uified interiors that you reported on some time ago. In fact, I think it is one of the nicest and best commercial aircraft interior design jobs I’ve ever seen. I really love it. Hopefully the new livery will match up somehow.

  3. Emmm…. Im not sure I like this. In fact I’m sure I don’t . they pretend that the merging will be good for the company and they stipulate that unlike BA and IBERIA , Chileans and Brazilians are not loyal or attached to “their “airline ,thus, making disappear LAN and TAM won’t be hard. Knowing Chileans and Brazilians…. I have real difficulty believing what the company is saying. When I visited Chile, I noticed that they are very proud of their airline and how it has grown over the last decide. That being said it will be sad to see LANs beautiful livery.

    Now the new colors don’t seem to be representative of Brazil at all. The blue doesn’t look very ” professional “. Both ” ex” logos seem much more professional than latam’s one.
    Anyhow interior seems nice but overall I don’t like the idea of a unified liver. BA /IB or KLM/AF s approach seemed more appropriate.

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