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When Alaska and Virgin America, finally got the green light to merge, it gave rise to a lot of confused brand loyal travellers not knowing what the merger would mean. So Hornall Anderson stepped in to help explain how the different brands would work together through the transition, and work in partnership with Alaska Air for their newly launched Alaska + Virgin America promotional livery and microsite.

Different Works Microsite - 1.jpg

“More flights, more rewards, more to love.” This is the exciting promise from the recent merger of Alaska Airlines and Virgin America. On the heels of Alaska Airlines’ successful rebrand earlier this year, Hornall Anderson have just created a promotional livery design and microsite to help celebrate and inspire excitement for the merger “promising the best of both airlines to employees, loyalists, and new flyers alike.” 

The airlines have combined on an Alaska 737 through a gradient tint from Virgin America’s red through to Alaska’s blue. The promotional aircraft will fly between the airline’s destinations to promote the connection between the two distinct brands.

Different Works Microsite - 2.jpg

In support of the new livery Hornall Anderson partnered with Mekanism to create a microsite that responds to the frequently asked questions of their most frequent flyers. The microsite includes a page where flyers can stay up to date on what’s happening now and what’s planned for the future, and an aggregated section of fan postings via social media.

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