Starting with flights to and from Europe, Qatar Airways is launching newly-designed tableware, in-flight dining menus, cutlery and chinaware to elevate their onboard experience for their premium passengers.


The airline has followed a recent trend of celebrating regional specialities, and has put a greater focus on these within the menu. Qatar Airways has rolled out new signature dishes to the in-flight menu based on route destinations, such as the offering of porcini and truffle risotto on Italian sectors. Traditionally prepared Arabic main dishes such as kabsa, biryani and flame-grilled meats offer a taste of the Middle East and will feature as a choice option across most routes.


It’s fairly rare to see onboard, but new signature warm desserts will be introduced to passengers in the Business Class cabin, in addition to a luxurious afternoon tea experience on board selected routes. The airline as always, has placed huge emphasis on attention to detail, from mini condiment grinders dispensing ground black peppercorns and Himalayan pink salt, to tableware such as the linen-lined bread baskets and onboard candles (similar to those already offered on Turkish Airlines).


The airline has also improved its indulgent treats, including an enhanced caviar service offering for First Class passengers, which is perfectly accompanied with a Balik-style salmon and showcased on a bespoke crystal plate. For those wanting a lighter fare, the airline has also created specialities which are more healthy, including fresh crisp salads, woodland berries and warm breakfast oatmeal.


Qatar Airways has heavily invested into both its hard and soft products recently, and last year, it launched a highly-successful pre-select dining option, whereby passengers travelling in First and Business Class are able to pre-select one main course from the à la carte on-board menu as far as 14 days in advance and up to 24 hours before take-off in addition to the existing Dine-on-Demand service. The upgrade to tableware and dining will help keep the airline ahead of the curve.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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