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It seems like no one has told Alitalia that the airline is struggling financially, as they launch a new collection of uniforms by Alberta Ferretti, replacing the gorgeous, yet apparently uncomfortable outfits launched in 2016 by Ettore Bilotta.

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We are thrilled that the airline has boldly continued to invest in the product during a fairly uncertain time to make sure the airline remains competitive, especially with the launch of Air Italy on their doorstep, although for a brand that needs to stand out right now, it would have been great to see more colour and create a bolder, more modern take on the uniform, even just enhancing fabrics to improve their wearability.

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The new Alitalia collection, although more conservative, and in our opinion a step backwards, stems from the need to meet the numerous requests coming from the operating personnel, with the objective of improving the quality of work of those who wear them daily. “The uniforms combine both practicality and elegance to guarantee the ground personnel and the inflight crew comfort and well-being for all work occassions and through every season. With this in mind, the uniforms designed by Alberta Ferretti have been studied and designed while taking Alitalia’s staff’s advice and suggestions into consideration,” states the Alitalia press release.

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The pieces are created in a lightweight fine gauge blue wool that is breathable to ensure comfort and allow movement during flights and all airport activities. The clothes are customized with satin gold buttons engraved with the “A” for Alitalia, and the women’s jackets are marked at the waist with a gros-gain ribbon in the Italian tricolor of the flag. The outerwear includes raincoats made of cotton and waterproof nylon, for both men and women, finished with a removable lightly quilted lining.

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The look includes cotton poplin blouses with pocket detail, foulards and ties in matching silk twill, leather gloves and wool knitwear. For the in-flight crew, Ferretti designed a vest and an Alitalia logoed jacquard apron style dress. While this will be probably be welcome by cabin crew, we hope that the airline still manages to find ways to stand out as a brand, and that this doesn’t signal the start of a return to the ‘old’ Alitalia.


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4 replies on “Alitalia Surprise By Launching New Uniform, Replacing Ettore Bilotta’s Recent Threads

  1. Hmmmm…. well, the cut of the uniforms is at least attractive. But the women’s belts and scarves look as though they were inspired by Christmas ribbon and wrapping paper. As for the men’s tie, I swear I was issued one just like it, with one of my (many) flight attendant uniforms back in the 1970’s or 80’s.

    I absolutely DETESTED the uniform this is replacing,; those awful, clashing shades of burgundy, dark turquoise and pea green. Yuck! So I think this new look is an improvement. But really, Italy produces such fabulous clothes. And this is the best Alitalia could come up with? (Hopefully uniform wings and/or name badges, will add a bit of shine to these way too somber ensembles.)

  2. Just because they have access to taxpayers money doesn’t give them the licence to keep wasting it through bad management tactics. The faster this airline gets taken over by some sensible aviation giant the better for Italians.
    I hope Air Italy gives them tough competition.

  3. Looks like someone walked into an arts and crafts store, stole some Christmas gift ribbon, and plopped it on an off-the-rack uniform for prison wardens. When you paste ugly on ugly, all you get is uglier.

  4. You know what else is comfortable? Sweat pants. Why not sweat pants? If that’s your goal.

    This uniform is atrocious. I can’t believe a designer would be willing to put their name on it. Just say it was designed internally. That would be less embarrassing. To go from something so pretty, probably not very practical, to something so hideous tho… the logos on the cuffs… final nails to the coffin.

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