There are few airports in the world that are a sheer joy to fly from, but this new small and perfectly formed terminal could be a nirvana for passengers travelling to and from the greater Seattle area when it commences its first flights, currently scheduled for 11th February 2019.

Based in Seattle’s Paine Field airport, predominantly used by Boeing for their aircraft construction and delivery, the new terminal provides the starting point for passengers in the Everett area, allowing for a more convenient option for millions. While currently there are only two carriers – United and Alaska – with limited route networks, these will become a popular option for those in the Everett area.


The terminal itself considering the size, with barely more than a dozen daily flights, is fairly substantial and airy. High ceilings and a private terminal approach to design, the whole space feels alien to the North American passenger experience, in a very position way.

With a large bar and dining area, along with relaxation chairs facing the apron and an adjoining business-style lounge area, the space feels more like an Aman hotel than a airside departure lounge, and for the lucky United and Alaska passengers, this will be a welcome space to relax in before the flights.


Naturally, Paine Field is already fairly busy, accommodating the various test flights of Boeing’s ever expanding deliveries of aircraft so there isn’t much room for growth meaning the lounge should never get too crowded. But one this is for sure, it’s quickly going to become the terminal of choice. There might not be a business class lounge here, but there is little need, considering the whole terminal in effect, is one large luxurious lounge.

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2 replies on “Could Seattle’s Paine Field New Passenger Terminal Be The Nirvana Of Airside PaxEx?

  1. Paine Field is in EVERETT, WASHINGTON, SNOHOMISH COUNTY. Not Seattle, Not King County. Paine Field is a Snohomish County airport.

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