A few weeks ago we brought the news that Virgin Atlantic was launching sustainable amenity kits, made from Kraft paper, which married cool design aesthetic with a clear sustainability drive. Now, SAS is launching a new packaging design for the award-winning New Nordic by SAS food concept. The new design of the pre-existing cube from 2017 will save up to 51 tons of plastics every year.


SAS has a lofty goal of having 100 percent sustainable materials in the customer experience offering no later than 2030 – and this goes some way to help reduce single-use plastic. It’s certainly an emerging industry trend, with Priestmangoode showcasing their vision for sustainable food packaging at the London Design Museum.

“Every day we develop our service offering and constantly evaluate everything we load onboard. We remove what is not needed and work to find innovative solutions for our materials and packaging,” says Karl Sandlund, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer.


Some form of plastic is often necessary due to food safety requirements. Therefore, the suppliers of SAS have come up with a solution that replaces the inside plastic container of the cube with a paper one. It is made of FSC approved paper with an organic plant-based plastic instead of oil-based plastic.

“The New Nordic by SAS food concept served in the cube is an excellent example of how we align our onboard services with our sustainability goals. It is one of many steps toward a more sustainable aviation – the most significant actions being the renewal of our fleet, increasing biofuel use and supporting the development of electric aircraft,” says Karl Sandlund.


The cutlery kit in the cube has also been changed. The new kits are adapted to each meal in order to minimise use of resources, meaning that each piece of cutlery is offered only if needed and wrapped in a recycled paper napkin. It will be launched gradually starting in December 2019 and by May 2020 the new cutlery will be found in every cube.


The plant-based plastic cutlery sounds like it has come from an alternative universe. It is made from vegetable oil, which is processed by natural fermentation and micro-organisms into a raw material that is compostable. SAS is proud to be the first in presenting this innovative solution for single use cutlery, the only plastic solution compliant with the European SUP (Single Use Plastics) directive.

We applaud the innovation, and enhancement of an already eco-friendly product, to make it even more sustainable. More products like this will go a long way to change the perception for modern aviation, which actively is embracing change, much faster than many other industries in the bid to become more sustainable.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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