AVIC Cabin Services is more than just AIM altitude and Thompson Aero Seating, however those will be more familiar names than Jiatai. However, it’s one company and part of the group not to be overlooked. Jiatai’s new JT220B Business Class and JT220E Economy Class seats are a result of the company’s strategy, supported by ACS, to design and develop a catalogue of new, world class seats products designed in collaboration with Factorydesign. Jiatai are embracing a customer focused, design led approach to developing new globally competitive seat products aimed at improving the passenger experience.

After many years of success in China, Jiatai are now supported by the broader reach of the ACS Group and have begun a process of upgrading their seat portfolio to be highly competitive in the global market. 

Andy Morris, Vice-President Commercial at AVIC Cabin Sysytems says, ‘Jiatai seats have proved extremely popular within the Chinese domestic market for many years, with respected and trusted design and manufacture. With the support of AVIC Cabin Systems, Jiatai is now looking to reach further into the global market and we are confident that the JT220B Business Class and JT220E Economy Class seats, designed in collaboration with Factorydesign, will be appealing and globally successful products.’

JT220B Business Class and Premium Economy   

The latest in a growing portfolio of new seats from Jiatai, the JT220B may seem like a conventional 2-2 single aisle business class seat, but in fact this is a comprehensive redesign and rethink of this seat type, on the surface it might seem conventional but there are a range of well thought through design touches that respond to passenger habits onboard.

Available in a variety of specifications to meet differing airline needs, the JT220B has a multitude of features and options. Consideration to passenger comfort is paramount and offers up to 20 degrees of recline, extra seat width at 22.4 inches, articulating seat pan, high density comfort cushions and leg rest options. 

Premium means privacy, so extended privacy wings provide an enhanced sense of personal space.  There is even an extended wing option, and a fixed divider option to increase the privacy even further. 

There is stowage space maximised everywhere that offers upper and lower literature pockets, a backrest stowage, centre armrest stowage, a cocktail table, bottle holder and shoe stowage.  Thoughtful features reassure the passenger that they are being thought about; features such as PED holder and power, wireless charging, coat hook and blanket clip with seat numbering. 

Available with or without IFE, the seat can be configured to be a single aisle short haul business class product, or a premium economy seat. 

Contemporary styling and the integration of international trends creates a highly sophisticated seating product that will complement and strengthen any airline brand, and enhance their relationship with the passenger. 

JT220E Economy Class seat

Embracing global trends in economy class seat design, the JT220E is a fully featured (non-IFE) seat that can be specified and customised from a range of catalogue options to suit each airlines’ requirement. 

With contemporary styling, dress cover options in fabric or leather, with a choice of headrest features, optimised upper and lower stowages, or an option of a multi-function closed upper stowage, this super lightweight carbon fibre composite seat is the first in a catalogue of new seat products announcing the future of JIATAI. 

Available in three specifications, from Basic to Upper Literature Pocket, to the fully featured Multi-function Stowage option, and with novel features such as an upper shelf, PED holder, coat hook showing the seat number, a glasses clip, article restraining band, foot bar and blanket clip, the new JT220E shows that constant consideration has been given to the passenger’s comfort and enjoyment of their environment.  

The seat can be configured with no headrest (on the basic version) or a unique U-type two-way option, even a four-way and six-way fully featured offer for maximum adjustability and comfort. 

Economy passengers in particular need to believe and to be shown that the airline is thinking about them, and cares.  These thoughtful touches provide genuinely useful features, but also demonstrate an emotional engagement between the airline and the passenger. 

The Big Picture

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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