Lebanon’s national carrier Middle East Airlines (MEA) has just revealed new amenities for their business class passengers, designed to match the new interiors that the A321neo’s have brought to the fleet. The airline partnered with Kaelis, an independent provider of onboard products, services and solutions, to create a new comfort set to make their business class passengers have a more comfortable journey.

Kaelis has created a contemporary looking set comprising a warm blanket and contemporary pillow utilising the new colour palette found in the cain interiors.

The blanket is made of plush and microfiber in two colours: grey and azure blue, which perfectly create an elegant blanket. The quilted pattern allows even temperature distribution while remaining sophisticated.

It’s just one more small step forward for the airline as it continues to upgrade its passenger experience and aircraft interiors.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “MEA upgrades amenities to match new interiors

  1. Groan…greys, blacks, dark muted colours? That doesn’t say Lebanon or Beirut to me. Sad. All airline interiors all starting to look the same to me. What happened to colour and patterns? It doesn’t have to be gaudy, but some touches here and there.

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