American Airlines and British Airways have now announced greater detail surrounding their plans to co-locate operations at JFK’s Terminal 8 from December this year. Together the two airlines co-location should offer a more seamless customer experience while also supporting the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s ambitious plan to transform JFK into a leading global airport. Only recently the airport also announced plans to fully modernise Terminal 1 by combining its footprint with 2 and 3 into a seamless mega-terminal.

“American is eager to welcome British Airways to their new home at JFK,” said American’s Chief Customer Officer Alison Taylor. “Their move to Terminal 8 further deepens our longstanding partnership and makes it easier than ever for customers traveling between New York and London or onward across our global networks.”

Work has already started too. American and British Airways were the first carriers to begin redevelopment efforts at JFK, breaking ground in Jan. 2020 on five new wide-body gates, four new wide-body hardstand parking positions, an enhanced baggage handling system, new customer amenities and expanded premium guest offerings — including approximately 130,000 square feet of new and renovated terminal space.

Inside the terminal, the two brands will see a co-branded approach to check-in and lounge areas, and the initial artists impressions show a departure from both AA and BA brand palettes, opting for a more generic (albeit stunning), premium design aesthetic.

In total there will be three lounges, with the most exclusive having an all-new champagne bar, fireside lounge and a la carte dining room, which reimagines American’s Flagship First Dining into a fully immersive experience. Adjacent, another premium lounge — with sweeping airside views, a wine bar, cocktail lounge, library and buffet — will offer an elevated, lively experience.
American’s Flagship Lounge and Concourse B Admirals Club will be repurposed into a contiguous lounge for eligible business class customers across the oneworld group carriers.

Tom Stevens, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience said: “New York holds a special place in our heart as one of our most well-loved and important destinations. Our move to the redeveloped and expanded Terminal 8 will bring a range of benefits for our customers, including a better transfer experience, enabling them to travel to more than 30 destinations across the U.S., Caribbean and Latin America with American Airlines.”

British Airways will remain in Terminal 7 until December 1st, 2022, after which its ground products including the Concorde Room will finally close.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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