Heading over to Abu Dhabi to experience Etihad’s brand new A350 I was able to also experience the carrier’s 787 for the very first time. While the product is now a few years old, it was useful to see how the product was still standing up against the competition and how the two products – the A350 and the 787 – will work together as part of the new vision for the carrier.

As it turned out the new 787s delivered to Etihad will feature the new Super Diamond seat, so these older custom-designed seats will slowly start to be phased out, but there is still a good few years in them yet. Check out our new YouTube video report above for our full take on Etihad’s product.

What was clear was Etihad have re-invested back into the passenger experience with food, drink and amenities all clearly back in abundance. Etihad has brought its service back to a pre-covid experience as much as possible with just masks on the crew being the last remnants of the pandemic era.

The flight was great, service fantastic and food exceptional, it seems that Etihad want to concrete their position as a market leading boutique carrier, with a large network, large fleet, but a smaller more intimate approach to its product offering.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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