No, this isn’t an advert for a new Japanese game show. This was the launch of Japan’s first LCC’s uniform. Welcome to Peach! Still unsure of why it’s called Peach, but according to the airline, the name “Peach” was chosen for its symbolism as a well-known and much loved fruit that symbolizes longevity, energy and happiness across Asian countries. – Hmm.. PR bumph if you ask me! This airline certainly isn’t frightened of making a punchy image for itself! And it’s great because of that. What the most of the western world will see as bright, garish and bold, will be seen by the Japanese market as completely normal and bland. The Japanese design culture is alien to 95% of the world, and it’s that exotic mystery that constantly draws us to the area for inspiration.

Manga comics, neon signs and crazy game shows with over-the-top on screen graphics all come to mind when we look into Japanese pop culture, and Peach seems to happily fit in this youth demographic of this ultra-modernist country.

I love the livery of the plane, a bright vibrant colour, which seems like design 101 for a low cost carrier, (Wizzair rings a bell) mixed with a modern font, bold curves and a bubbly feel to it. The nicely balanced colour palette flows across uniforms, websites, branding and liveries. I can’t help but feel the airline uniforms have a fun ‘British’ feel to them, and wouldn’t feel out of place in a Great British countryside picnic (where everyone was colourblind) and they have kept themselves smart, rather than the friendly and relaxed atmosphere the original jeans and t-shirt combo of easyJet when it first started out.

Whilst the fleet is concentrating on regional traffic, I hope to get to see one of these birds in real life, perhaps when they start flying out to Hong Kong. What do you think? Does it encapsulate the mood of the product it’s offering?

I should be able to do a critique of the inflight magazine when it comes out, as being designed by market leaders Ink. Stay tuned to find out more!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “Is it a game show? What a peach!

  1. Asia – although Japan specifically – does have their own take on normality. You are correct the colours (by Western standards) are bold, but I agree that by Japans standards this is pretty timid.

    Admittedly when I read your title and clicked the blog, I was braced for an entire barrage of weirdness, this is quite tame!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. While you may consider the peach explanation as “PR bumph”, I can tell you that the symbology is exactly that. Representational meaning (whether it be peaches, oranges, numerology, etc) is *very* prevalent in Chinese and Japanese society, with a combined 6,000+ years of culture to draw upon. Heck, I even frequent a local Vietnamese noodle shop called Peach Garden here in Toronto.

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