Good news Singaporeans! With Scoot soon launching its services from Singapore to Australia, they’ve taken a decision to utilise the aircraft movements in between their medium-long haul flights by adding a daily service to Bangkok and 4 time weekly service to Tianjin. Whilst no photos have been released of the Scoot product yet (As soon as they are, they will be up on DesignAir!) they are definitely offering a medium-long haul low cost on-board product similar in concept to Air Asia X, offering both ‘Scoot Biz’ seats and regular economy seats.

Scoot is a LCC subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, and along with Tiger Airways and Silk Air make up the Singapore Airlines family all flying from Singapore Changi Airport. What is most bizarre and perhaps one of the strangest elements to this whole mix is that Singapore Airlines, Tiger Airways and Scoot, now all serve Bangkok Airport. Between them they now offer 11 return daily flights (that’s almost half of the flights offered on this route, in total now served by 8 different airlines). The scoot flight departs to Bangkok only 35 minutes before Tiger Airways and returns to Singapore with only 5 minutes between the two returning flights.

I could understand if the two sister low cost carriers were filling gaps in between flights to offer a more consistent schedule to and from the city pair, however they are in direct competition with each other. They both are fighting to fill their seats and will only do this by lowering their prices. By doing this they are eating into each others profit margins and in effect eating into Singapore Airline’s investments. Surely a different destination would have been a better choice to fly to, but I’m sure that Scoot have done their research, and this is the second most travelled route from Singapore, second to Jakarta.

Either way, this can only be good for passengers, offering more choice and cheaper seats, so it’s time to pack your bags! Which airline will be the airline of choice? Let the battle of the in-flight product begin!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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