Island Air’s New Brand

Hawaii’s second longest running airline Island Air has just launched a new look for its fleet and website. Bright and colourful isn’t something new to the airline, the brand has always had fun liveries, however this feels a lot more considered and professional whilst maintaining it’s bright ‘Aloha’ spirit. The lei (garland of flowers) logo with a soft rounded typeface all give it a slight retro feel, in keeping with the Hawaiian islands atmosphere, whilst not appearing too dated with any complicated logo devices that will age quickly. I think perhaps a different font would have been better, but the treatment of the font and logo are well executed.

With their brand new fleet of ATRs being brought in to replace their dash 8’s, customers should feel a totally new experience with the airline, keeping it up to date with the competition, as Hawaiian Airlines has been rumoured to be bringing in Turbo-props itself to increase its network coverage.


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