So if you haven’t heard about the fairly radical new uniform for Virgin America, being launched across their fleet 8th August this year, here’s a cool behind the scenes look at their new uniform, designed by San Fran neighbours Banana Republic. It’s great to see the attention of detail that goes into the design of the product, and the involvement of so many creative people. Whilst the images that have come out haven’t shown the full range of the product or the quality and detail of the product, I’m already a huge fan.

On the net there has been some furious discussion, some for this slightly more chic and relaxed look, and some heavily against them due to the fact it doesn’t look professional enough. Virgin has always been a game changer, and has an ethos of teamwork, and the focus of the airline has always been on people and product, rather than the bottom line. Their whole inflight team is exactly that, a team. It’s less heirarchical in composition, and whilst the infrastructure still is there, they’ve wanted to do away with the captain and cabin crew concept, as each member has a vital role and is equally important on the aircraft. A relatively new concept in aviation, but still being taught throughout the industry now as the way forward. This uniform really reinforces that ethos. Personally, as a pilot, I’m excited to see a uniform that doesn’t sport a baggy shapeless white shirt as the only option too.

My one concern is that in an emergency it will be difficult to work out who is a passenger and who is a crew member, but that doesn’t mar the sexy and sophisticated look of this wonderful new uniform. Can’t wait to see yet another successful Virgin brand uniform walking through a terminal soon. What do you think?

Posted by:Jonny Clark

7 replies on “Behind The Scenes At Virgin America’s New Uniform Project

  1. I love yhe new uniforms, they look comfortable, stylish. Sexy and professional all at once. My wife made a negative comment abput all yhe female’s were wearing pantyhose with their uniforms saying most American women prefer to be bare legged and wearing sandals or flip flops. My argument to her was that in my opinion, bare legs with sandals or flip flops couldn’t appear more lazy. I personally think that a female that takes the time to dress totally professional, including wearing pantyhose gives off a much classier, sophisticated and sexier look. Pantyhose accentuate womens legs, covers blemishes and just makes the woman seem in a class of her own. Bare legs and sandals look very lazy, and cheap.

  2. I’m afraid my main impression of Virgin Atlantic remains their chaotic, overloaded booking process and chronic overbooking, and their ageing 747 fleet. No amount if uniform changes will change that.

  3. Plus, let’s be realistic here. No pilot, no flight. The idea that the captain and cabin crew are equally important is garbage.

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