Perhaps slightly strangely named, the ‘OZ’ suite (after their airline code) has been revealed by Asiana Airlines. Asiana is one of my favourite airlines, quietly confident in their offering, very stylish and very reserved, there is something almost ‘Swiss’ about them.

Whilst this suite isn’t anything really that new for those that have travelled on Singapore, Jet Airways or even Turkish (leasing the Jet Airways aircraft) the new private suites have really taken the level of International First Class above and beyond its former roots. Asiana however, have always been seen to offer a fairly modern fleet, with up to date interiors and product offerings, so it is no surprise for them to launch something like this right now, if anything, we could have expected it sooner.


Privacy is the name of the game, and whilst all the mod-cons are at your fingertips, including an excessive 32″ screen to watch the latest blockbusters, a starry night sky in the shape of LED’s in the cabin ceiling or your own well stocked mini-bar all tick the boxes, sadly, this cabin is only currently being rolled out on the Chicago, Ho Chi Minh and Narita routes on their 777-200ER aircraft.

Whilst their cool, calm cabins are what Asiana are all about, I can’t help but feel these suites verge on the clinical, rather than luxury, much in the same vein of Malaysia’s new First Class product. Perhaps luxury fabrications aren’t either strong enough to withstand the test of time, or whether these refits are now becoming a ‘corner-cutting’ excercise, offering space first and foremost, with a more finished luxurious environment taking a backseat. Let’s hope a soon-to-be-needed upgrade of their business class will result in a little more luxury, along with a fully lie-flat bed.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Asiana Launches A Familiar Looking New First Class Suite

  1. I don’t mind the new suite, but the Quadra smartium (Or whatever they named their new J product) is quite an improvement over their old angle flat business class seats… I just wish they would refit their aircraft a little faster.

  2. I on the Quadra Smartium recently on a daytime flight and it is a great design with plenty of space but if I was going to sleep overnight I would want a bit more padding on the seat/bed. Asiana’s service is excellent though.

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