Posted by:Jonny Clark

6 replies on “Air New Zealand’s New Livery Shows Cultural Roots Are Alive In The Pacific

  1. Very simplistic analysis. This is an airline clumsily adopting the logo of several government departments in its livery. the thing is just slapped on the back of the plane with no integration into the shape of the vehicle or the rest of the livery. And the black… it is a colour of sporting team, NOT of the country as a whole. I’ve yet to meet any fellow Kiwi who believes black is our “national colour”.

  2. I have to disagree with the above comment. I love the look of the plane and I have never met a Kiwi who does not associate the colour ‘black’ with NZ. Time to change the flag while we are at it!

  3. It’s been a few months and I would have to agree with TimE – this colour scheme still doesn’t site right with me. The white space on the left hand side of the fern logo is visually distracting (esp on the white variation), it reduces the impact of the Koru, and black does look dull for an airline that is supposed to represent the nation. Time for AirNZ to ditch the All Blacks association and start representing ALL New Zealanders again.

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