Since LAN & TAM have combined forces, they have really invested into creating a ‘Best Of Latin America’ offering for their travellers. The latest investment is in the shape of five VIP lounges for their premium passengers. The first of which is the El Dorado lounge in Bogota, with the following 4 being launched between in 2013 and 2014.


Some clever person has calculated the 5 lounges will cover in their entirity a wholesome 60,000sq feet. According to their latest press release, the lounges are “part of the commitment of both companies to continuously improve their respective frequent flyer program members’ travel experience, giving them a unique, calming and relaxing space before their flights or connections.” But this isn’t the last we are  going to hear of their new lounges, as they expect to launch further luxury lounges in the near future. The next four however will be found in Miami, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo.

The services that the new lounges offer include significant improvements in service standards that LAN and TAM offer their passengers with a dedicated (and thoughtful) children’s area, along with relaxation areas, individual bathrooms, showers, chaise lounges for sleeping, Business Centres and unique beverages and cuisine inspired by all that the region has to offer. And what of the service offering? Expect nothing less than the warm hospitality that South America is famous for.


“To carry out this project we decided to work with world renowned architects and designers like the Chilean architect Mathias Klotz, in addition to architect Lillian Allen, and the global vision that Studio Putman gave us, one of best design studios in the world headquartered in Paris,” said Fernanda Toro, Director of Travel Experience, LATAM Airlines Group.

But what about the design? If you look closely at the images here of Bogota’s lounge near gate 34 , you’ll feel as if you are residing in the best that Latin America has to offer, from the finishes to architecture, all of the elements are inspired by the countries that make up South America, and they are combined with an outward international vision, making sure the product showcases Latin America in the best possible way to their international travellers.


What we love are the natural finishes, sophisticated dark colour palette, and neutral tones that make the lounges more like a residential project than a corporate space. There is also a hint of 1960’s luxe here, that brings our hearts back to an era of true JetSet glamour, once found only by the exclusive international premium travellers of some of the biggest American carriers. A lovely touch is that the lounges are also available to premium economy passengers, further enhancing the product in all of their premium cabins.

One thing is for sure, we will certainly get lost in time in these luxe lounges the next time we travel to the South American continent. We look forward to the next four lounges as they become live. Time to book a ticket to South America? We think so.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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