American have just launched a beautiful print campaign, to celebrate the reinvention of their trans-con service, (which has become the latest turf that the major US airlines are fighting for customers) which we covered a while ago. The new AA A321’T’ fleet now operates between East and West coast and are becoming part of the ‘new’ American’s flagship service, offering First Class, Business Class and Economy between the two sides of continental US.


Starring Julianna Margulies (currently starring in The Good Wife) and Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), the new slick advertising campaign mimics the heritage advertising AA campaigns from yesteryear featuring Grace Kelly and Gregory Peck. The advertising, presented in Black and white is both beautiful and quietly elegant. It still offers a modern edge, and nods to the current (and fading) trend of ‘looking backwards.’

Created by McCANN, the same advertising agency that brought us the genius advertising campaign for Metro Trains Australia ‘Dumb Ways to Die‘ the American campaign is designed to remind consumers that is was AA that invented the trans-continental service. They also offer 3 classes, above and beyond the current carriers on the same route. It is also the only true First Class cabin on coast to coast flights with fully lie-flat seats all with aisle access and amenities like cappuccinos made fresh in flight. “It’s as close to a private jet experience as you can get on a commercial flight.” American state.

According to Inside Social, we are to expect video adverts soon too.

As for the product? One of our judges has flown recently on the new product, celebrating the new product, “It actually felt closer to an Asian airline in terms of comfort and service. The equipment itself is nice. Lie-flat seats. Simple, minimalist design. And smart features like an outlet for your iPhone so you needn’t contort your body or strain your eyes to find: it’s right next to your head.” Here are some images to whet your appetite and have you consider booking soon. We hope to travel on the new product soon, expect a trip report sometime soon.

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3 replies on “American Stun With Elegant Advertising Campaign

  1. McCann NYC created this campaign for AA. They didn’t work on the Dumb Ways to Die campaign. Their Australian office did that. Totally different teams and P&L.

    1. And was it McCann Sydney or McCann Erickson Melbourne that was responsible for the Dumb Ways to Die campaign? And does it really matter since all three offices share the web address BTW, the work of all three offices is posted on the same web page: Could it be that in advertising different teams within the same company work on different campaigns yet the company is credited? Shocking.

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