Cathay Pacific with the help of McCANN, have launched a brand new campaign, which reinforces the message of how a comfortable and well thought-through product onboard can set you up for your travels and make the whole experience a lot more… well, civilized. On their microsite, Cathay state “We believe that travelling well is an important part of living well. That’s why we continually strive to enhance the overall travel experience. To be more personable in our service. More considered in our design. More intuitive in anticipating your needs. Helping make your journey more pleasurable. Because when you travel well, your trip can become more memorable, more meaningful, more rewarding. This philosophy has been at the heart of everything we do for almost 70 years. And it’s something that drives our people to deliver a better experience for you.”


This is the first major campaign to be released with Cathay’s new branding, that was launched last year. The campaign “Life Well Travelled” aims to introduce a brand new positioning, focusing on the imperfections of travel, and how Cathay Pacific go about delivering a realistic experience, addressing these imperfections and trying to improve on them.

The whole campaign is beautifully executed, drawing on passengers, staff, pilots and senior management alike, to reinforce the fact we can all find imperfections in the flight experience, and how simple solutions can make the world of difference. The inclusion of staff is a nice touch to prove that they fly like any traveller, and experience the same problems we all do.

Working across many different platforms, the campaign’s microsite is supported by a series of videos, and printed advertising. The three videos delve into different Cathay customer profiles including ‘The Family,’ ‘Road Warrior,’ and ‘Miss Adventure’

We love this in-depth yet gently spoken brand premise that McCANN and Cathay have launched. It speaks to Cathay’s strengths and perceptions of honesty, quality and creativity. The new brand image is soft, warm and inviting. In a similar aesthetic to luxury brands, the campaign offers a retro-nod to photography, mixing warmth and texture to the visual language. We are starting to see a new visual brand emerging with Cathay Pacific, from photography styles, to onboard product and lounges, that is exciting and refreshing, and this latest campaign really brings these design touches to play. Plus it’s true, a pleasurable flight can set you up for your holiday or work trip, no matter which cabin you fly.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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