Today, JetBlue showed off the first renderings of their restyled cabin which “will enhance the JetBlue experience to meet the needs of travellers today”, including a greater focus on connectivity, comfort, and space. This marks JetBlue’s first complete redesign of the interiors on its A320 fleet since it launched in 2000 and the differences, while perhaps on paper won’t impress, in reality will make a big difference to their passengers.

A major focus of the new cabin will be keeping customers connected throughout their flight, including free gate-to-gate “Fly-Fi” high-speed Internet, a new Internet-enabled inflight entertainment system, larger high-definition seatback televisions, and in-seat power outlets with USB ports.


While the airline showed off their new Mint interiors a couple of years ago, this latest development will be now seen across the majority of the carrier’s fleet. With 130 A320 aircraft currently flying, JetBlue will become the first domestic airline to launch an inflight entertainment system that connects the much-loved seatback television to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi Internet connection for customer use.

“The new streaming television inflight entertainment system from Thales – STV+ – is built on the Google Android platform, opening unlimited possibilities for custom app and widget development, live content streaming, audio-and-video-on-demand, and personal device pairing to offer more entertainment options than ever in collaboration with JetBlue’s industry-leading content partners.” states JetBlue.


But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to streaming content, JetBlue will expand the number of DirecTV television channels offered from just 36 to over 100, and will have the capability to offer a library of over 300 on-demand Hollywood films and other content stored locally on the aircraft. (Yet still no in-flight magazine.)


But the most impressive element is that this content can now be viewed on 10.1″ high-definition seat-back screens, which are virtually twice the size of the previous screens on the JetBlue fleet, meaning passengers will have a completely different IFE experience.

Those wanting to switch off and unwind, will also benefit from the new ergonomic B/E Aerospace Pinnacle seats, featuring moveable headrests, and the front section “Even More Space” offering increased legroom and enhanced recline.


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Posted by:Jonny Clark

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