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Another year, another safety video. Air New Zealand have brought a brand new aesthetic to their latest video, with both Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. acting as ‘god like’ creators, presenting New Zealand as a destination that has to be experienced to be believed.

“It’s a land of stunning beauty, magical places and friendly people. Air New Zealand’s latest safety video takes the country’s uniqueness and beauty to the extreme, in a visually fantastical way,” states Air New Zealand.

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This Fantastical Journey is set to a heart-warming version of My Little Corner of the World performed by New Zealand artist Gin Wigmore. As the safety video informs the passengers in their traditionally whimsical way, the viewers are transported to New Zealand’s wealth of natural wonders, from mountains to snow, to whales and caves.

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The video plays with visual scales, with the seemingly normal sized being blown to gigantic proportions, playing to the country’s awe-inspiring natural backdrop.

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The playfulness of this video continues to inspire and has become one of Air New Zealand’s most iconic marketing drives. The airline knows that the videos will go viral on social media. This latest video joins the ‘Summer of Safety’ video and the famous ‘Lord of the Rings’ clip from a few years in cleverly showcasing New Zealand to the world.

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It’s another super video from Air New Zealand, and although much more mellow than other videos the airline has produce, such as the videos with fitness guru Richard Simmons or ‘Safety Old School’ with Betty White or the iconic Men In Black safety video, it’s doing the right thing in inspiring people to purchase a ticket to explore New Zealand’s magical country.

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One thought on “Air New Zealand’s Latest Video Is A Fantastical Journey

  1. Cute…like how its also a travelogue of the country. Still, the purpose of the video is for safety and the information is still the same. You wonder if people just gloss over the real important information to look at the pretty pictures and listen to the song.

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