Heathrow has no less than forty-something lounges across the expansive airport, but the offering can vary substantially, so selecting the right lounge can be a bit of a challenge. For those fellow aviation nuts out there though, the airport does offer a range of lounges with excellent views of the runways and apron, making spotting the latest metal landing at LHR a lot easier. Here’s our guide to some of the best lounges with some of the best views.

Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge, Terminal 4


At the top of our list has to be Malaysia Airlines lounge in Terminal 4, with its unparalleled views of the southern runway and Terminal 4’s apron. Situated on the upper level, the lounge offers a commanding spot for landing and departing aircraft, with all the pleasures associated with an airline lounge. In First Class, passengers can enjoy a la carte dining and a private living room area to sit back and relax in, however the best views can be found in the business class lounge, which also features its own manned bar and buffet selection of Malay and Pan-European fare. What better way to start your flight before stepping on board their new A350s.

Gulf Air Falcon Gold Lounge, Terminal 4


Situated directly below, but no means any less impressive is the Gulf Air lounge. The lounge offers a similar aspect, but being one floor lower means you are closer to the action, seemingly in grasping distance of the long-haulers being loaded and unloaded before their next flights. The lounge offers fantastic deep armchairs with power points and personal wardrobes, meaning the only reason to get up from your chair is to replenish a glass of champagne or freshly made coffee (or because your flight is boarding). From here you might even see Gulf Air’s brand new livery first hand, as their 787s are now flying on the route.

SkyTeam Lounge, Terminal 4


A slightly older but much frequented lounge in Heathrow is the SkyTeam lounge in terminal 4. Situated over two floors, the lounge is the go to pre-flight destination for many of the carriers in Terminal 4, which has its fair share of SkyTeam carriers. While starting to show its age, the lounge still features a Clarins spa, which is a first come, first serve affair. For the best views of the aircraft landing on 27L, head to the second floor, where the lounge is slightly quieter, and has an elevated position making for a better view of the runway.

Aspire Lounge, Terminal 5


One of the only pay-for lounges in Terminal 5, Aspire offers passengers in any cabin class the opportunity to catch some quiet time before their flight. Positioned on the north-eastern corner of the main terminal, the lounge is awarded with great views of 09L and Terminal 5’s satellite buildings too. While the lounge is better for views than the British Airways Galleries Lounges due to it’s proximity to the terminal’s glass walls, passengers only have access to a limited range of complimentary drinks and food, with the rest (plus Bliss Spa treatments) being a paid-for extra.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge, Terminal 2


Lufthansa’s Business Class Lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 2 might be perfectly functional, with a range of drinks and buffet food on hand as well as a fairly sterile interior design, but its views on to Heathrow’s southern runway and taxiways are hard to beat. That is if it wasn’t for the buildings’ cooling slats that line the glass. This means that the view may be near-perfect, but its sadly interrupted. Great at night where the view is more forgiving, but slightly more annoying during the day. The good news is the lounge offers a Senator ‘lounge-in-a-lounge’ available to Star Alliance’s most premier of frequent fliers and First Class passengers which offers a lot more creature comforts.

Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge, Terminal 3


Cathay Pacific would probably win hands down for the most homely of lounges in Heathrow, with a plethora of comfortable seats, wooden panels and indoor planting that feel more at home in an interior design catalogue rather than an airport. The lounge is split in to a Business Class and First Class area, however for the best views you’ll need to stump up for a First Class ticket. This will not only award you with an a la carte restaurant but also the perfect spot for watching planes take off from the southern airport while sinking in to deep velour armchairs while sipping on the finest of champagnes.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Terminal 3


Lastly, but not forgotten, is Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse. The space, which ruled the roost until a few years ago at Heathrow as best lounge until competitors stepped up their game, still offers a secret weapon when it comes to views. The clubhouse’s roof deck is the only outdoor space in Heathrow’s lounges and it’s only a Martini’s throw from the control tower, offering great views across Terminal 3’s apron and both runways. Should the weather not play ball on this hidden gem, don’t fret as the Clubhouse also offers two never ending picture windows with great views across the apron and runways making it easy to find a spot to watch the world go by. That is, if you can pull yourself away from the cocktail list, hairdresser or Bumble and Bumble spa.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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