New 777 product

Emirates has once again kept itself ahead of the curve by refreshing its premium offering with brand new luxury products in their First and Business Classes. The new products stem from collaborations with Byredo skincare, Bowers & Wilkins and no surprises that  Emirates’ longstanding partnership with Bulgari continues, now with refreshed amenity kits.

JCL Ladies

For First Class customers, the Byredo travel wellness range of skincare feature and exclusive range of allergen-free and Chamomile products created for especially for Emirates, paired with a faux leather notebook and branded pen. The collection by European luxury brand, Byredo, was first introduced in Emirates’ new fully enclosed suites on the Boeing 777 last year and is now being rolled out across the fleet.


We’ve always been impressed by Turkish Airlines’ partnership with Denon, whose headsets are incredible for a business class experience, however, Emirates has take their First Class passengers to a new level of sound excellence with Bowers and Wilkins. These Active Noise Cancelling E1 headphones were designed Bowers & Wilkins exclusively for Emirates using a unique hybrid noise cancellation technology optimised for the Emirates First Class cabins.

FCL Ladies 2

It’s not all First Class opulence though. Passengers in the carrier’s business class are also being treated to new look Bvlgari amenity kits. Emirates continues its longstanding partnership with Bvlgari for the latest designs of the airline’s exclusive kit bags. The new set of amenity kits for both First and Business Class feature Bvlgari’s fragrance – Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert (Green Tea) – and contain skincare essentials to keep customers feeling fresh and pampered throughout the flight.

FCL Mens (2)

The First Class kit bags, made from faux leather, come in eight designs with a new range of colours for men and women. Eight additional designs are available in Business Class – four for men and four for women. The amenity kits are available on long-haul overnight flights and designs are refreshed every nine months. The bags have been designed for multipurpose uses after the flight to store headphones, make up or jewelry.

JCL Mens

In addition to the Bulgari amenity kits, First Class customers will also be given Hydra Active moisturising sleep suits on long haul overnight flights. Just like Etihad, Emirates has seen the benefit of commercialising parts of its inflight experience. Fans of the First Class experience can now purchase the Emirates sleep suits, First Class blanket or the Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones from the Emirates Official Stores.

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