Turkish Airlines’ latest safety video might have been released a few months ago, but it has already amassed over 9million views on YouTube. The safety video, which features the Lego Movie characters in a sequel to the airline’s initial safety video last year.

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While the video is still as captivating as the initial incarnation, featuring the usual suspects from the movie franchise, the approach to the video is different. It cleverly weaves in some of the airlines furthest destinations to showcase the airline’s expansive and impressive route network.

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This isn’t new, airlines around the globe are looking at ways of communicating the brand values, route network and product offering to consumers who are increasingly buying their tickets using online travel agents (OTAs) therefore not being immersed in the airline’s universe until boarding the aircraft. This means that the IFE system and inflight magazines become more and more important for an airline to communicate its USPs in an ever-increasingly competitive landscape.

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While the likes of Air New Zealand have cleverly been promoting their country through their safety videos for years, other airlines are quickly catching up, and the safety video is the only mandatory video for most airlines, meaning this video becomes an important marketing opportunity as well as delivering its core safety message.

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This video is brilliant, and delivers on multiple levels, making it one of the smartest videos we’ve seen this year. It is entertaining, sponsored, showcases the network, has great brand association and has gone viral, making it a powerful video that was a wise investment for Turkish Airlines.

Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 16.18.47

It also promotes the airlines future launch of Bali, not just promoting the current network – but the future network – highlighting the constant growth of the carrier too.

Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 16.19.47

While just a simple safety video to most, it showcases the industry’s constant struggle to innovate, reduce costs, engage consumers and deliver its USPs. With airlines like Turkish Airlines leading the way however, there will be many other airlines that follow suit, pushing their network and brand promises using IFE and inflight magazines in exciting and innovative ways. Next time you fly, see how the airline you fly with helps entice you to explore their route network and product offering.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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