It’s that time again, and while Air New Zealand had recently advertised for a job position of ‘Head of Safety Videos’ (perhaps one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry), the carrier has also just rolled out a new safety video, this time featuring the country’s most famous export, the All Blacks.

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All Blacks Head Coach Steve Hansen along with Captain Kieran Read, Sam Cane, Anton Lienert-Brown and Ryan Crotty join a diverse cast in the safety video which takes viewers to the headquarters of the newly established “Air All Blacks” where ideas for the airline’s first safety video are being discussed.

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While Kiwi actor Cliff Curtis appears, perhaps the weirdest cameo is American actor Rick Hoffman, most famed for his role in US series Suits. Hoffman says his positive experiences in New Zealand and Air New Zealand’s quirky humour were a huge drawcard for him to star in the video.

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“I love New Zealand – the food is amazing and the people are amazing. It’s the way it should be everywhere! I will be thrilled to be recognised on an Air New Zealand safety video.”

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Building on the airline’s twenty-year partnership with New Zealand Rugby, the video also stars 1987 rugby legends Sir Michael Jones, Sir John Kirwan, Buck Shelford, Gary Whetton and David Kirk and former Black Ferns Captain Fiao’o Fa’amausili as well as former Australia Captain George Gregan.

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While the airline isn’t as clever as its previous incarnations, the airline draws on popular New Zealand brands, pooling its appeal and delivering a viral marketing campaign across social media, which is already showing its results, with over a million view in just a few days.

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The release of Air All Blacks marks the ten-year anniversary of the airline’s unique take on safety videos which were made famous by the Lord of the Rings videos series of safety videos. Many airline has tried, with differing levels of success to deliver safety videos in a fun, unique way that also acts as marketing tools, living beyond just the cabin across social media platforms.

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Adding to the iconic Kiwi line-up, Air All Blacks is backed by the exclusive, original soundtrack Universe, a brand-new track from New Zealand band SIX60.

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