Entertaining children on long-haul flights – as any parent would know – is an art form, balancing sugar intake, sleep and restlessness is an all consuming part of the flight. Thankfully Singapore Airlines have taken a creative and beautifully simple approach to entertaining kids on their flights with the adoption of a new Origami amenity kit.


Ahead of the October half-term, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is launching ‘Inflight Skills’ to keep the whole family entertained during a long-haul flight. Customers will be able to learn the ancient Asian art of paper folding and decoration, with specially designed and sustainably produced origami how-to kits.


These are also beautifully branded, featuring the iconic Singapore Airlines batik print. The ‘Inflight Skills’ origami kit contains a step-by-step guide to five creations, from a simple paper plane to a more challenging batik print box.


The five products include a bird, a plane, a fortune teller, a box (because Singapore Airlines likes to do things in full) and a box lid.


The ‘Inflight Skills’ initiative is in addition to the huge range of amenities already offered to kids, and part of the airline’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its world-class offering for families. It will be provided alongside existing amenities including Singapore Airlines’ range of exclusive toys and games, the ‘Child Meal’ programme and ‘Young Ones’ entertainment on the KrisWorld Inflight Entertainment System.


Passengers will be able to collect their kits ahead of boarding, either at the departure gate at London Heathrow or at check-in at Manchester Airport. Singapore Airlines has also created a tutorial video alongside the how-to kits with leading origami influencer, Red Ted Art – available to download from YouTube (or below).

Singapore Airlines’ General Manager for the UK and Ireland, Sheldon Hee said: “We are very excited to launch the Singapore Airlines Inflight Skills initiative. It is the perfect opportunity for families to engage in a new activity during their flight with us. Our aim is to make every journey personal for our passengers, be it fun or educational, and we hope our passengers will enjoy learning a new skill and have fun at the same time.”


The Inflight Skills product set will be Progressively available in participating European markets – UK (London and Manchester), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Milan and Rome), Turkey (Istanbul) and Russia (Moscow). But these will become collectors items, so perhaps it’s best to resist the urge to fold, as the Origami kits are available whilst stocks last.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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