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4 replies on “Brussels Airlines reveals new identity, but is it on point?

  1. This dumb-looking new livery (and the dumb excuses for it) make me miss even more the SABENA of old, when the quite glamorous legacy carrier’s 747s featured a terrific upper deck lounge… (((sigh)))

  2. Another Polka dots crisis?!!!… or an acne rash?… What the hell was the brief?… You could add to your Dot branding (liveries) list, the JAT Airways rebranding decades ago (prior rebranding under Air Serbia marquee) as well. The previous Brussels Airlines “B” like taxiway lightings logo was very smart and appealing as a night flight departure (often the case to Africa destinations from BRU). Why not revamping it this icon?… Even de brand name new type font, while “trendy”, is missing the point with some lack of authority (due to lowercase lettering)… while the letter curved lines would argue to make the airline image more friendly and digital-centric. Not convinced by the exercice. Sorry.

  3. Agree with everything Remy C. wrote. The taxiway lightings logo did indeed look very smart when seen on the tarmac at night.

    Worse than the pointless new polka dots was the decision to have the ‘brussels’ wordmark in lowercase, but ‘AIRLINES’ in uppercase. (Northwest Airlines did much the same thing with their final livery; big lowercase ‘nwa’ above small uppercase ‘NORTHWEST AIRLINES’).

  4. Agree. That launch video was a mess, as is marketing babble to explain the logo/colour. The only thing I can recall from the video is that you can sit with your friends on the plane. Not a great message.

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