Air France has just released handsome new amenity kits for both Business Class and Premium Economy, however the most impressive story can be found in that they feature no less than 93% recycled materials.

Unlike the materials used in Virgin Atlantic’s amenity kits, which clearly showcase its environmental credentials, Air France has taken a more subtle approach, placing higher emphasis on design, look and feel. These beautiful new kits don’t necessarily look eco-friendly at first, but we actually applaud this as a progressive step forward. The quest for ‘environmentally-friendly’ shouldn’t mean that design should suffer.

Featuring the company’s historic winged seahorse emblem, embodying its rich history the Business Class kit comes in two colours, navy blue and grey. Special thought has also been given to its content. The toothbrush and pen are made of cornstarch, and ear plugs packaged in kraft paper, eliminating the use of plastic. However, in response to customers needs it also features a soft sleep mask, socks, toothpaste and Clarins cosmetics.  

Customers travelling in the long-haul Premium Economy cabin will receive a dark blue kit with a younger, more sporty look. The kit features the accent, the symbol of the Air France brand, in a red or blue version. The content of this kit has been adapted in the same spirit with a toothbrush made of cornstarch, ear plugs packaged in kraft paper, sleep mask and a pair of socks.

In all cabins, the plastic packaging of each kit is now replaced by a tamper-evident seal. In addition, headsets are systematically cleaned and disinfected, allowing Air France to eliminate single-use headphone protectors and their packaging offered previously. 

Intended as a genuine gift sporting the Air France colours, these kits can be collected and taken home after the trip and used again. “By offering ever more eco-friendly comfort kits, Air France is pursuing its everyday actions to reduce the use of single-use plastic on board its flights whenever possible,” states Air France.  

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “New Air France amenity kits showcase sustainability progress

  1. The new kits are so classy – and classic – looking. I regularly drop-off at a homeless shelter amenity kits I’ve taken off planes. But I’ll be keeping – and reusing – these beauties!

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