Anyone who has visited South America will appreciate how strong the design culture is there. So it’s no surprise that the de-facto airline of the region LATAM has celebrated its cultural roots with two new amenity kits, which have sustainability at their heart. This new release reflects one of the emerging trends TheDesignAir predicted for 2022.

For passengers travelling in LATAM’s Business Class cabin, there will be new Travel Eco Kits rolling out across the network over the coming months. The kits will gradually incorporate sustainable elements as the existing stock for the kits are replenished.

The kits reinforce LATAM’s commitment to eliminate single-use plastics which come just in time, as COVID has unfortunately had a significant negative impact on the industry, with many amenities and items wrapped in plastic as a way of reflecting the hygiene measures airlines have had to adopt.

Interestingly, just a week ago, we travelled with LATAM, and had noted how the amenity kits – while welcome – didn’t reflect the industry’s ambition to reduce single plastics and unnecessary waste.

Unlike the previous kits, these are delivered to the seat unwrapped, and the contents will be made more sustainable, including bamboo toothbrushes, earplugs wrapped in kraft paper and both socks and eye masks are made from recycled plastics.

Even the choice of amenities has been considered. The bag includes cosmetic products (hand cream, lip balm and a refreshing towel) produced by Feito Brasil, a brand certified as B Corp ¬– a certification that recognizes performance in financial, social and environmental sustainability. Feito Brasil prides itself on making products with a focus on sustainability. These products are cruelty-free and vegan, use natural ingredients and raw materials, and are locally produced by Brazilian artisans.

Wrapping up this eco-conscious package, are two stunning modern designs that reflect emerging artists from the region. The first two artists to join this initiative are Tomás Olivos from Santiago, Chile and Hamilton Aguiar from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Following designs will be by artists from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

Hamilton Aguiar’s work is inspired by natural beauty, and has participated in exhibitions across Germany, Korea, Sweden and Canada amongst others. Tomás Olivos currently lives in Barcelona and has been the author of multiple books including Abecedario Ilustrado, and has a special obsession with nature, with inspiration from his own anatomy. “I have short legs and arms; it may be a reflection of the complex I have with my body.”

Both launch artists were chosen by LATAM for their emerging trajectory and for being transformers of their communities. While the plan will be to fully roll these kits on long haul business class flights, the first passengers to receive the kits will be on the Santiago – Madrid and Sao Paulo – Miami city pairings. Other routes will receive the kits progressively through 2022.

The Big Amenity Picture

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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