Air China has just revealed images of its new A350 interiors, which feature the Recaro CL6720 seat in Business Class, something we reported back in 2021. These new seats replace the existing Super Diamond seats found on the rest of the A350 fleet, with a more condensed seating LOPA, yet the additional benefit of privacy thanks to full height walls – although no doors, even though this seat design allows for it.

As highlighted on the airline’s facebook page, the seats feature a new design as well, with a brighter cabin look thanks to the sky blue suite walls. The seats themselves feature the traditional look and feel of the seats on other aircraft for the carrier, but small brushes of gold trim add a deeper layer to the overarching palette.

It has to be said, the colour-ways of the cabin certainly aren’t to our tastes and there is an apparent downgrade of personal space in comparison to the Super Diamond seats. However it’s still not clear if certain A350’s will be used on certain routes, or it it will be a pot-luck approach to what aircraft you end up on, a little bit like flying on Ethiopian Airlines.

As for the new seat? According to Recaro, “the mini-suite feel is created through the smooth sliding doors, quality finish and ambient lighting. State-of-the-art ergonomic features include numerous comfort positions, a six-way adjustable headrest, premium foam technology and a 1.98-meter bed length.”

Even with the apparent odd choice of finishes and more condensed LOPA, it’s impressive to see the carrier invest in a modern seat option, as historically Chinese carriers (China Airlines, Starlux and EVA aside) have fallen behind the curve when it comes to passenger experience.

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