There has been much in the way of rumor-mongering going on throughout the internet of American’s first 777-300ER’s paint scheme, as caught on camera by Russell Hill recently at Boeing’s Paine Field plant. What is visible on American’s registered (but not yet complete) aircraft, is an apparent solution to the new composite bodies that modern airliners are being manufactured from.

Departing from their current livery, a light grey body (lighter than the Qatar grey seen below), and white tail that follows down over the fuselage seems to be the dominant graphic structure of the new design. Still many questions are to be answered, and by no means is this a finished livery, but has AA got it right? American’s Timeless design is iconic, far more so than any other airline in the US. And, whilst the ‘cheat-line’ by most is seen as a dated graphic device on the aircraft, is unmistakable, even from a distance. Currently the solution is very similar in graphic balance to what V Australia launched their 777-300’s with when they started up.

It seems that a white tail, with simple body paint could be yet another version of the safe airline liveries currently being mass produced around the globe, and whilst this is the basis for a strong, iconic design, I hope that care and consideration is put into the construction, balance and message that will come from their new livery.

UPDATE: Below is a link to a YouTube video of the AA 777’s first flight too.

I hope that heritage and respect are both used when re-inventing the wheel. Nothing could be worse than a ‘fashionable’ solution to one of the world’s longest running and most international airlines. As soon as the livery is revealed, we will be one of the first to announce it here on

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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