When The Wing went under renovations late 2010, there were enough other lounges to accommodate their current passengers at Hong Kong’s International Airport. So perhaps most premium guests actually forgot about Cathay Pacific’s crown jewel. Luckily though, launched last week, is the brand new ‘The Wing’. Covering just under 1,700 sq meters, this a phenomenally large lounge.

It now boasts 5 reappointed cabanas (that we would kill to have as our bathrooms at home) each of which feature a day bed to relax on, a full bath, shower and toilet, so you can rest and recoup in some privacy. For those just wanting to freshen up, a further 12 showers are available. (We think that must be a world record!) looking at the photos, you can see the craftsmanship is superb, and have managed to make a product that has to be so robust look so delicate and luxurious (an ethos that runs through the brand come to think of it).


What about the main stages? Adorned in more marble than in the whole of Greece, the dining area (The Haven), whilst a little spartan, is elegant and stunning, featuring a lengthy buffet bar to complement the a la carte dining options. There is also a full service bar and a champagne bar to keep you topped up. The main seating areas are practical and well appointed but offer little in the way of privacy. But who wouldn’t want the world to see them there! Plus for those wanting a little more privacy can always head to ‘The Cabin” (Featured in our Top 10 Lounges), where Cathay’s new pod seating means you can slip away into your own comfortable world.


We love this space, designed by Foster and Partners, it feels at home in the airport, like a symbiotic relationship with its environment. Talking environment, The Wing’s design has also incorporated a number of environmental features. For example, the architects selected bamboo and eucalyptus – both from sustainable sources – as two of the key materials in The Wing, and natural light is utilised to the full throughout the lounge.

The question now lies, “Which Lounge?” When travelling through Hong Kong. We think the answer is pretty obvious.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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