So Malaysia Airlines has extended it’s outstanding ‘Chef-On-Call‘ service (previously only available to first class and platinum frequent fliers) so that travellers in Business Class can now choose their meal 24 hours before travel on certain international routes, meaning their dining options are increased and freshly prepared for their flight. A passenger can now pick from 5 dishes every two month from a rotating menu of 30 throughout the year before even getting to the airport. It’s making our mouth water writing about this, let alone travelling with them. Malaysia Airlines has got an excellent reputation for it’s dining quality, infact, paired with their customer service, these are Malaysia’s two signature product offerings.


As Malaysia Airlines have now joined oneWorld they are now much better situated to offer a competitive and successful route network, and hopefully this new business-class bolt-on will only add to attract a business traveller. So whether it’s Lobster tails, steak, Oxtail ravioli or just some simple Vanilla Hot Cakes, there is something for everyone. Whilst Malaysia Airlines is still one of the only Asian carriers now to offer Angled lie-flat seats, they are now really stepping up to the mark., improving every part of their service. (Hopefully fully flat seats will follow) From our last flight a few years back, there is something quite special about flying MAS, we are excited to fly with them again this year. Now, where are our forks?


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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