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Etihad have just revealed their latest advertising campaign, featuring the new First Class and Residence products. The new global advertising campaign offers glimpses of Etihad’s reimagined cabins, uniforms and aircraft. “It is an opportunity for us to share what drives us to reach higher, go further and simply transform the expectations of air travel.” states Etihad.

Heading up the campaign is Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman, also a Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women. “Nicole embodies glamour, sophistication and elegance; qualities that we are proud to bring to life in our reimagined travel experience. This made her the perfect choice to front our global advertising campaign.”

Nicole Kidman is both star and narrator of the captivating feature, which will be shown on global TV stations and social media in both 60 and 30 second formats, with still versions of the campaign appearing in print, digital and on outdoor channels.


Shot on board Etihad’s new flagship Airbus A380 and in three locations around the world, from Abu Dhabi to Marseilles and Prague.

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In Abu Dhabi, the airline supports their ‘facets of Abu Dhabi’ brand motif, by featuring contemporary new buildings in the capital city. The three buildings featured are Bab Al Bahr Towers, the Louvre and the Abu Dhabi International Airport Control Tower. These buildings are amongst those that inspired the design of Etihad’s latest livery and they all feature traditional Emirati design patterns, influenced by light and geometric patterns.

The Foster & Partners Vieux Port Pavilion in Marseilles was chosen to reflect the airline’s focus on design. The 17th century baroque hall of the historic Strahov Library in Prague represents knowledge, learning, and the desire to innovate and lead.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways Chief Commercial Officer said: “Etihad Airways is constantly pushing boundaries, taking inspiration from the world to provide a superlative in-flight experience for our guests. We are rewriting the rule book and reimagining flying by breaking away from convention and leading the way in innovation, design, style and hospitality. This new campaign has succeeded brilliantly in bringing our unique brand and service ethos to life on film, in print and on digital channels.

The Etihad Airways brand story has been interpreted and visually translated by husband and wife directorial team Anthony Atanasio and Valerie Martinez, who have created some of the most visually daring commercials of the last six years, crafting clever and mesmerizing films for major global brands.


According to Anthony Atanasio, “This film represents a wonderful opportunity to create an incredible mood of beauty and poignancy, to make viewers ‘feel’ the ideas, the connections, the materials, the creativity, the freshness and excitement and also the tangible, personal benefits of how Etihad Airways has reimagined flying.

The advertising really showcases the product well, and having experienced both Etihad’s Business Class Studio, and the airlines’ First Class Apartments, we can absolutely relate to the amazing experience the airline presents.

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6 replies on “Nicole Kidman Is The New Face Of Etihad In Latest Campaign

  1. This is what you get when you give money to aviation enthusiasts and ask them to operate and make a presentable airline.

  2. Fantastic ad. Wonderful product. A shame this is funded by the Abu Dhabi government, at the expense of all the other airlines which have to rely on the markets to fund their investments. This is simply not a level playing field.

  3. The building at 0:43 isn’t the Foster & Partners Vieux Port Pavilion in Marseilles (even though Etihad says, on its web site, that it is featured in this commercial)

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