Whilst the world waits with baited breath for the new livery for AA, and all eyes are on the 777-300ER, the first frame to show the new livery, AA have released photos of the interior of the plane’s first class cabin instead of just CGI composites. Whilst rumours are rife amongst the industry of an announcement soon of the livery, which is definitely looking at a new tail fin design, it could be days or even weeks before we see the new look.

Here are 4 shots, as found on the American Airlines Facebook page. From the images though, this is finally an aircraft interior that American can be proud of, a stylish entrance galley and mood lighting are real eye openers for this legacy carrier. Perhaps the ‘New American’ will be a ‘Great American!’

Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “Interior Of AA’s New 777-300ER Revealed

  1. Saarinen, Eames, Wright, Nelson, Castle etc. There is a big legacy of incredibly great and influential American designers. What bothered me the most with airlines in the USA a couple of years ago is that they never truly embraced that legacy; most of the time the branding was completely boring, bland and straight-forward. Interiours from airplanes were almost interchangeable with Greyhound busses. The glory/golden days of air travel were completely gone and there was nothing quintessentially ‘American’ to find. There’s a shift going on and I’m really happy a few airlines have improved themselves. Secretly I’m hoping that AA will follow the trend and I’d love to see them going for a retro-futuristic-chique approach. This interiour looks incredible and promising of what’s to come.

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