Virgin America have just announced the launch of ‘The Loft’, their LAX Lounge which has finally been opened in LAX’s Terminal 3. The Loft will be a pleasant change from the slightly drab terminal waiting area security side, and offers a contemporary eco-friendly, if not a little sparse environment to relax before boarding your flight. The design here is evident, and there is obviously little sign of Virgin America changing their logo anytime soon to match the rest of the group’s new font. As can be seen in the photos here, the logo is hard-wired into some of the finishes. However, the design synergy between the airline and the lounge are seamless. Mood lighting, in similar colours to that found on board, the signature Virgin red and the same pattern as found on the napkins can be seen adorning the customer service desk. It’s these little elements that really do keep the Virgin brand way ahead of their competitors.


Whilst Virgin America uses big brother Virgin Atlantic‘s Clubhouses, the slightly cooler, but emptier lounge here wouldn’t feel right being called a Clubhouse, the creature comforts seem to be limited to a great cocktail and food menu and seating areas, but there is little sign of the signature elements such as shoe shine or a spa. But this lounge is not to be knocked for it’s food or drink service, offering properly made cocktails, and food from Sushi to shrimp Caesar salad, you’ll be wine and dined before boarding, and with everyone’s iPad buzzing away on their free wifi, you’ll have plenty to keep you amused. And for that inner plane geek, there is a fantastic uninterrupted view of the airport, something hard to find in Terminal 3.


Some of the best news, $40 gains you access, which is a snip for the amount you could drink there, (or if you are an elevate silver or gold member, expect a few free passes each year) and children under 12 aren’t allowed, meaning no screaming kids running around trying to knock over your Mile-High Margarita. Another great detail to this lounge, is no more hunting for a power point, as almost every seat now has a power point to it. Take a look at the tour here to get a better look at the space. We can’t wait to get inside and take a real look.

One question still remains, with the removal of the Air New Zealand Lounge in Terminal 2, will Virgin Atlantic finally move across to Terminal 3 to share the terminal, and create the first real ‘Virgin terminal’. Recently, an announcement from Virgin Australia stated they will be sharing the lounge.


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6 replies on “Virgin America Launch New Domestic Lounge At LAX Terminal 3

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  2. I will be taking the red eye on October 29th. How many hours are permitted in the lounge?
    I understand the fee is $40 to gain access. I am traveling coach; does it matter? Should I make reservation ahead of time? Does Virgin America have a lounge at JFK?

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