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Etihad Airways is the latest airline to announce its wellness strategy to rebuild confidence and increase reassurance. Dubbed ‘Etihad Wellness’, the carrier has outlined its expanded and more comprehensive health and hygiene programme in an accessible customer guide.

In a direct response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the programme will be championed by the introduction of specially trained Wellness Ambassadors, a first for the airline industry, who will be tasked with providing essential travel health information and care so guests can fly with greater peace of mind.

Etihad Crew onboard with PPE serving guests

This dedicated multi-lingual team will offer reassurance to customers by sharing advice on travel wellbeing and details of the health and sanitisation measures being implemented throughout their journey both on the ground and in the skies. Etihad will expand the service to include a web-chat option. All Wellness Ambassadors will come from existing roles within the company, and undergo special training at the airline’s training facilities in Abu Dhabi, and online.

It’s not just an Ambassador role though, the airline has brought together no less than 13 areas of focus, including culinary hygiene at the airline’s catering facilities and food testing laboratory, aircraft cabin deep-cleaning, check-in, health screening, boarding, inflight experience and product, crew interaction, arrival, and ground transportation. Comprehensive information on these travel health and hygiene measures is available here.

Also of all the PPE sets we’ve seen on airlines, Etihad’s seems to be by far the best, creating a careful balance between elegant branding and a reassuring professional hygienic appearance.

Etihad Wellness - Key Visual - EN

Over the coming weeks, Etihad will introduce Wellness Ambassadors at Abu Dhabi International Airport in partnership with Abu Dhabi Airports (ADAC). This will make sure the same levels of care and support are provided at every point of the customer journey through the airport, from check-in to security, immigration, the retail areas, lounges and boarding, so that guests can fly with added comfort, security and confidence.

Once travel restrictions to and from the UAE are lifted, and the airline resumes an expanded network of international flights, Etihad will introduce Wellness Ambassadors on board, complementing the roles performed by other Cabin Crew, and providing an enhanced level of customer care focused on health and wellness inflight.

Etihad Crew in PPE

Airlines are looking to differentiate themselves while also reassuring passengers that it’s safe (as it’s ever going to be) again to return to the skies. This additional role in the cabin will serve a similar appeal to Flying Nannies – that the carrier also has on flights – who look after and care for the youngest of passengers. For those who are more nervous will appreciate this small yet meaningful addition to the onboard service and turns a solution in to a more premium passenger experience.

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One thought on “Etihad’s new Wellness Ambassadors could be the industry’s next ‘Flying Nanny’

  1. “Would you like a glass of Champagne, sir? Or perhaps elective surgery?”

    This is all beyond creepy. And I for one will remain on the ground for however long airline crews are garbed like surgical staff. Because if getting on a plane is really this risky, why would I do it?

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