Whilst those of you that have seen Air Pacific planes might be a little confused by this press release issued by the airline (due to the fact the airline’s livery has a huge ‘Fiji’ written on the tailfin), the old airline is being reborn. Fiji Airways (Air Pacific’s original name) will become the brand name once again of this rainbow fleet of jets next year. Originally changed to promote it’s network and dominance within the region in 1958, Fiji Airways has returned as a way to promote the touristic base of the airline.

Currently flying a slightly ageing fleet of Boeing aircraft and regional airframes ‘Fiji Airways’ will be the relaunch of the airline’s product, offering, and fleet as well as its brand. New A330s are going to take over the 747s and 767 routes the airline currently flies, bringing a modern fleet with new inflight classes, and no doubt AVOD IFE. No more fuzzy looping ancient movies for the long trip to paradise.

This is no doubt due to the increasing competition on its main routes to Australasia against the likes of super modern Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Air New Zealand. Due to launch its new brand at the end of the year I pray they inject a modern touch whilst maintaining its heritage. I imagine the airline brand finding a common ground between the likes of Tahiti Nui and Hawaiian, both of which I’ve rated in the top 10 modern liveries. Whilst a return to the original brand look and feel shouldn’t be ruled out, sadly on the fleet the airline used to operate, there isn’t much apart from a coloured swash adorning the fuselage and simple typography to fall back on, so it looks like a fresh new look may be the only way forward.

As soon as the brand gets launched, you’ll hear about it first here, however in the meantime, here is a holding page to keep you amused! I know I’ll be buying my ticket soon!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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