Spot the difference…

Yes! you are right. The second plane is different… a 737 (737-300) compared to the Airbus. (well… if you are colour blind that would be the only difference…) In all seriousness though Viva Colombia will be launching in a few days time from it’s base in Medelín, Colombia. The fact the two aircraft look the same is because of its parentage in the form of ownership companies. Viva Aerobus is partly owned by Ryanair, and with that heritage its bound to be a success.

I can’t help but feel something close to this livery’s feeling and tone (this time in the country’s national colours) would have been a better move for Bingo Airways, which I covered recently in another post. It’s fun, simple and easily identifiable whilst maintaining a contemporary edge to it.


Most likely we can predict the service offering will be the same, with a low cost structure, buy on board food and drink and products with tight turnarounds on flights and a single class configuration. What we can also predict is that a brand new charity calendar is on the cards. Being the original creator of the Ryanair Calendar, I know the potential of these products to generate publicity and also how they can drive sales within the airline giving the idea of a young and sexy cabin crew. Viva Aerobus was quick to join in the calendar fun and no doubt Viva Colombia will be the latest subscriber to creating a new and young sexy brand. The question will remain though, will they create the network of buses to support the airline that its sister airline has done.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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