Troubled Mexicana had only recently launched its new livery when they went down due to financial difficulties back in 2010. So it never really got the outing it deserved. But only today was it suggested by an article on ATW that Mexicana will possibly come back to the skies on June 9th using a fleet of their smaller airbus jets. The new livery designed by  Gabriel Martínez Meave, a well known Mexican designer who has received several international awards, most recent of them from the acclaimed Type Directors Club.

Personally I’m happy as I’ve liked the livery since its inception. It’s bold and clever, and whilst it perhaps never got the huge fanfare that I may have expected, it’s a strong cross-platform design that deserves some air to stretch its wings. The livery is a conceptual version of an eagle, both on the tail, and the reverse silhouette on the nose section of the plane. The colours of deep blue and a softer sky/marine blue are fresh and at ease in the sky. The logo is fluid and soft, and very trans-European in its finishing, in a country where contemporary design still hasn’t made a huge impact on their culture, making it a very forward thinking design.

Hopefully with their new investors the airline will continue to grow and we’ll see these birds come to European shores soon.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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