Singapore Airlines has always been seen as a global market leader so it doesn’t surprise to hear they have launched a plan to roll out their in-flight offering of WiFi from their current 14 aircraft out to their entire fleet. This will also mean that mobile phone data services can be enabled, allowing the humble text message to be beamed home to let them know that you will be arriving early (most likely!)

This partnership with OnAir means that within 2 years, all of their flights add another level of customer service and entertainment, which is surprising considering their vast wealth of entertainment already on offer onboard. After a successful soft launch, it seems, there is demand for this product though, and their promotional prices, lasting until 30th November feature a US$25 for 30Mbs. Which is fairly pricey especially for a promotion, but with a captive audience of business travellers, they can most likely afford with getting away with steeper prices.

There is a catch too, the availability of the service is dependant on the country you are flying over at the time, and Singapore Airlines KrisWorld magazine has a map of the specific countries where the service is enabled. However, I’m sure in the next 2 years, that network will only continue to grow. Now, where’s my laptop…


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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