Southwest Airlines has always been seen as a fun-loving airline, with many people loving their light-hearted and easy going nature. Individual safety messages and character is encouraged to create a warm environment to put their passengers at ease. However, their latest incarnation of the female outfit, couldn’t be anything further from fun if it tried. Dull and conservative outfits are order of the day, looking like a more matronly version of the latest Virgin America uniform launch.

Simple dark colours of blue, mixed with scarfs, cardigans and court shoes all are leaps and bounds away from their once hot-pants and go-go boots of old, and seem to be the antithesis of the brand. One can only help to feel that the cabin crew had a lot more say in this, putting comfort and ease of use first and foremost on their agenda. The most fun bit is the scarf that they will wear. What is also interesting to see, is that this launch only features women’s uniforms for the cabin crew. No pilot uniform or male cabin crew uniforms are mentioned, and this may create a bit of a loss of brand synergy within the cockpit.

I have to say, I’m not a big fan, and this outfit, only brings them closer to the large amalgamated ‘American-United-Delta-and-now-Southwest’ uniform look that is dominating the US. Virgin America doesn’t have to do much to become more and more unique as far as cabin experiences go, it seems their competition is just getting worse. Come on Southwest, bring back the look you used to sport, and be brave in your decisions to make you stand out from the rest…



Posted by:Jonny Clark

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