Streuth! It’s hard not to report about the Virgin group of airlines right now, as they just keep on doing things right. We, here at TheDesignAir love this brand new commercial from Virgin Australia. Turn up your speakers, sit back and enjoy! Slick, clean, and super retro, they are really trying to hark back to the era of glamorous travel. Similar in blockbuster appeal to Virgin Atlantic’s commercials of past, but with the modern twist of Virgin America, they have really polished an advert that is sexy, passes a suitable message and showcases the product of the airline. Big band soundtrack, sexy people and dramatic filming add to a real sense of accomplishment in this advert. Not surprising really, as they have in the past year launched A330 internal routes, a new domestic business class, and new partnerships with airlines making them a real global player. Pat on the back to you!

Their “look at moooii!” print and web campaign also follows suit, using images from the video, showcasing people at the forefront of the airline. An ethos that the Virgin group have always maintained. It just so happens they are all good looking and model-esque, whether that is the case in reality is another matter altogether, but it certainly makes me want to book a ticket right now.

What do you think? What’s your favourite airline commercial of all time?

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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