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We are great fans of an atmospheric advertising campaign, and whilst we love to see hard product in all it’s glory, it is seemingly a more becoming way to advertising the product you have by creating an emotional connection, something that can be quite challenging with a 70 ton piece of machinery.

Singapore Airlines have followed suit of Etihad, British Airways and even Malaysian Airlines, to create a ‘short film’ of inspiration rather than advertising the onboard experience, which shows through sound, sight and memory, a visual postcard of what the airline stands for. Quality and attention to detail. It is this subtlety that now becomes iconic in advertising campaigns, a moment of quiet showing finesse and respect, amongst a sea of loud and overtly ‘salesy’ advertising that we come to expect from our TV viewing globally.

The series of three one minute videos showcase Venice, Scotland and China, (although Singapore only fly to one of these destinations) to show the global extent they go to to bring you the best movies. Naturally the Singapore girl is the hero of these movies, and please don’t go thinking they send their cabin crew out to check the leather work on their seating; this is a purely captivating and conceptual vision of what the airline aims for.

Below is the making of film too, definitely worth a look!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Singapore Airlines Launch New Advertising Campaign

  1. Beautifully shot. I really like the advert ‘understanding your needs’. Stunning cinematography; the process of selecting and brewing the perfect tea is a ceremony which demands a lot of attention to detail; something that really suits and reflects Singapore Airlines. The adverts are very dreamlike

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